The Pantheon

pantheon.jpgUr, The Wheel of Light is the Lawful Good deity of the Sun. He is depicted as a spear-wielding soldier. Primarily, he is represented by his holy symbol, two rings around a sphere or circle. Followers of Ur are expected to protect and promote the advancement of civilization and law wherever they go. Ur asks that his followers defend the innocent, strike down the guilty and work toward creating a society where people are protected from evil. His most devout followers abstain from the use of psychoactive drugs (including caffeine and alcohol). His holy weapon is the spear.

Amlia, Steward of Paradise is the Neutral Good deity of beauty, peace, and charity. She is depicted as a young angel with four wings, hair with every colour of paradise and a halo . Her holy symbol is a halo with 4 wings, forming a circle. Disciples of Amlia are expected to heal and help people wherever they go. Amlia asks that her disciples go wherever people need them and do whatever is needed of them to prevent harm and ease suffering. Her most devout followers are forbidden to harm people unless they or others are in mortal danger. Her holy weapon is the quarterstaff.

Ersu, Spirit of Hope is the Chaotic Good deity of the wind, freedom and travel. He is depicted as a man, wrapped head to toe in bandages, who is never seen touching the ground. He wields a halberd with a blue banner around the shaft, which serves as his holy symbol. Ersu’s followers are expected to fight slavery and tyranny at every occasion. His followers are taught to go wherever people are being oppressed and bring them hope and freedom. His most devout followers cannot be held down by material possessions, only being allowed to take with them what they can carry. His holy weapon is a halberd.

Optus, The Burdened is the Lawful Neutral deity of business, fortune and dragons. He is depicted as a red dragon atop a vast horde of gold and treasures. His holy symbol is a coin with a dragon’s head imprinted on it, encircled in flame. His followers are encouraged to create business and trades, make money, and amass great fortunes. His temples are often the sites of great marketplaces. His most devout followers never resort to giving away money or acting out forms of charity. His holy weapon is a rapier.

Lux, Divine Watchmaker is the True Neutral deity of knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship. Lux is never clearly defined as a male or female, being simply depicted as a hooded figure with a featureless face that mirrors a starry night sky. Lux’s holy symbol is three interlocking cogwheels. The followers of Lux are encouraged to acquire knowledge in all its forms and crave perfection in everything they create. They are encouraged to go beyond norms to research, invent and discover. Lux’s most devout followers are forbidden from sexual activity, which is seen as distracting and irrelevant. The holy weapon of Lux is the crossbow.

The Long Man is the Chaotic Neutral deity of animals, the wilderness, and the hunt. He is often depicted as a giant that towers above the trees and having canine features and clawed fingers. His holy symbol is a clawed hand with fingers curled to point toward the palm. The Long Man values self-sufficiency above all and encourages his followers to further the growth of the untamed wilds, often to the point of the detriment of civilization. His most devout followers are disallowed from living in urban areas. His holy weapon is the club.

Lokt, The Will to Power is the Lawful Evil deity of tyranny, blood and war. He is depicted as an eyeless demon with dagger-like teeth, adorned in gold and jewels. His holy symbol is the image of his own face, often reddened with the blood of a sacrifice. Lokt demands that his disciples amass power in all forms, to subjugate others, and enforce their will over all things. His most devout followers are forbidden from sentimental relationships, keeping only those useful to them. His holy weapon is the flail.

Quet, Oath-breaker is the Neutral Evil deity of murder, corruption, and darkness. Originally twin goddesses, it is legend that Quet struck down her sister and took her power. She is depicted as a naked woman with skin coated in the ashes of her sister. Her holy symbol is black feather, one side stripped of its vane. Quet desires the destruction of the other gods and asks her followers to murder all other followers. Her most devout followers may not show mercy. Any who stand in the way of their mission must be destroyed. Her holy weapon is the dagger.

Xm is the Chaotic Evil deity of all that is alien and unknown. There is no depiction of this god and nothing is known about the activities of its followers.

The Pantheon

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