Countries and Kingdoms


Heironiden is the first of two human nations. It is called the “first” as it is believed to be the first and longest lasting of all human civilizations and houses the oldest written history of the human race. The country is more influence by the gods than most, taking the most influence from the teachings of Ur and Ersu. In these teachings, the country is fiercely militaristic and less accepting to foreign and feral races. Heironiden’s capital is a castle that shares the same name and the country is lead by the head of the Temple of Ur, referred to simply as “The Patriarch”.

Ecclesia is the second human nation. Known as for skilled artisans and incredible inventions, Ecclesia is far less governed by the gods than Heironiden. This allows more open and free worship to various gods and this openness bolsters trade between the elven and dwarven nations. It’s common to here residents of the country to be slurred as “Ecks” instead of the full “Ecclesian”, comparable to being called “Hecks”. The capital of Ecclesia is Castle Esse and the country is lead by a monarchy, currently lead by King Gerald Leinhart II.

The Province of Hexter is more accurately a barren area of orc, goblin and ogre tribes. The area has always been warring between tribes, creating smalls shifts of power in control and resources. The area is said to be home to The Holy Land, an area of land once used by the gods to meet and council when the world was young, and has been impossible for any nation to secure. In recent history, an ogre warchief named Urukubarr has succeeding in amassing the largest collection of cooperative tribes ever documented with no clear purpose.

Castle Vellond is a self-contained city-state. Originally built by Ecclesia to further expand their trade routes, the city fell from within when drow soldier burrowed from under the fortification in a surprise attack almost 200 years ago. Ever since, the castle has served as gate way to the vast network of cities in the subterranean drow empire. The castle is over seen by oligarchy of vampires.

Naeltalos and Dorn Maldir are the elven and dwarven nations respectively. Nothing is well known about either country in terms of history or leadership but the countries do regularly trade goods and technologies between the human nations. Both nations see the human nations as immature and do not ally or assist either when war does break out.

Countries and Kingdoms

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