Shan al'Xia

Expert cloak dancer, entertainer, and con-artist.


Shan was fathered by the Second Scion of Theyras. Clan Theyras is one of the most powerful and ancient elven clans in Naeltalos, therefore Shan’s…. unusual features at birth were something of an embarrassment.

Her mother was accused of consorting with creatures of the Abyss and executed. Shan was given the bastard surname al’Xia, meaning “daughter who was cast away”. Her upbringing took place in a rainforest hut under strict isolation, with a rotating compliment of guards and tutors.

Bastards of powerful clans in Naetalos are traditionally trained as spies, assassins, or courtesans, arts deemed unworthy of proper nobility. Shan was trained in all three. Her training ended on her seventy-fifth birthday, and she was brought to the central enclave to serve the clan. For seven years she spied, coerced, seduced, and killed according to the whims of Theyras.

Despite a relatively successful career in espionage, Shan’s relationship with her father’s second wife deteriorated quickly. After finding poisoned needles in her pillow, a viper in her cosmetics chest, and a mage fire trap on her latrine seat, she took the hint. Shan courteously returned the viper to her step-mother, stole some jewelry, defaced the statue of the first Theyras for kicks, and got the hell out of there.

Afer a few months of revelry celebrating her new freedom, Shan realized that she was out of money. She would have to work. For humans.

Maid, kitchen or shop work were obviously out of the question, and she quickly discovered that brothels were a little too nosey regarding the physical attributes of their working ladies, not to mention the outrageous house cut on earnings. She eventually settled for mercenary work. She was turned down by the Knights of Radiance and the Flying Daggers Troupe, but was picked up by an Ash Company recruiter. She has now begun her very first job with the Ash Company.

Shan al'Xia

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